Become an ADK Affiliate

At the Academy, we believe in a healthy and positive energetic exchange, which is why we have created affiliate program that gives you an ability to earn a monthly income in return for promoting the content and the teachings you love!
Whether you’re a regular educator, a special guest or even a member of our community, we welcome all to become ADK affiliates!

What are the benefits?

Earn an Income

For every person you sign up through your unique link, you’ll receive 20% of their membership fees for the lifetime of their subscription! Every person you refer gets a 3-day FREE TRIAL along with 10% off their subscription to the Academy!

Track Your Income

Under your personal ADK Affiliate dashboard, you’ll be able to track all earnings, signups and traffic through your unique link

Impact Humanity

At ADK, our mission is to spread truth and knowledge in an effort to help Humanity ascend together. As an ADK Affiliate, you’ll be assisting us in reaching our goal by impacting a wider audience than we could by ourselves!

No Commitment

Your promotion and usage of your unique link is completely up to you! There is no obligation to produce any content for the Academy once you become an ADK affiliate

I want to become an ADK affiliate! What do I do next?

  1. Upon signing up, our team will review your application and, if approved, you will receive an email within 48 hours of submission
  2. Log into your Academy account, go to your member dashboard and click on the “Affiliate Program” tab
  3. Fill out your details, including your requested username and an email connected to PayPal for payment purposes
  4. Feel free to download the creative and graphics our team has supplied in the “Creative” section of the Affiliate program, and promote your unique link!
  5. Keep track of your signups and link traffic on your Affiliate Dashboard
  6. You’ll receive regular monthly payments (minimum monthly payout is $100 in commissions)

Ready to join?

We’re always accepting applications from individuals who wish to become an ADK affiliate. All you have to do is fill out the application form on this page, and a member of our team will reach out to you very soon!
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