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  • Jeannie Murphy says:

    I’m in Jason. It’s peacelove_Om from your Live in Belize & with Lisa Najar. I’ve been doing internal work… and Om has been my persistent answer. Sound Healing (Gong Baths, Crystal quartz singing bowls, Tibetan bowls) is where my heart told me to put the last bit of $ I have. Tuning forks as well. It’s so simple and pure. Lay down, do nothing (sleep if you want) for an hour Sound Bath and your world starts shifting. The frequencies that have been suppressed for thousands of years…. every BODY has been craving their entire human lifetime. Not ready, but I’ll answer whatever call is needed here & now for our Freedom

  • Erik Harvey says:

    Thank you so much for this platform and this community. I agree with Anne and Carole. What we collectively really need is more focus on raising consciousness. Most of the content on here is creating awareness of the shadow aspects of our society — which is absolutely necessary. In addition to that, anything that helps to equip us to raise our vibrational frequency is extremely valuable.

  • Marilyn O’Malley says:

    I’m excited to see how the academy evolves and being a part of it. Thank you Jason!

  • Carole Hackwood says:

    I love all your content and always enjoy all of your contributors videos as there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn from. I agree with Anne…group sessions with specific teachers to learn new skill in raising consciousness and how to make our daily lives more productive in helping humanity.

  • Daniel Winger says:

    Thanks for providing the video today with you and Dr. Judy. I know that she and doctors like her are pioneering to find answers for these illegal injections that have plagued this world. My eyes and ears are wide open for the suggestions. Some of things mentioned are hard to come by and others we don’t know how much is too little or not enough. Maybe in the future, the site may have a resource section to obtain these items. Progress reports of how certain chemicals are working to fight the affects of the injections. God has a plan and a cure. And He is guiding the minds of these doctors to find those truths. Thanks.

  • Anne Dorland says:

    Thank you for creating this collaborative, transformational platform. As far as content, I think that lucid dreaming and dream interpretation are powerful tools for exploring the inner, God self. I would love a meditation or hypnotherapy that aids in lucid dreaming. I also think that a mentorship program would be an amazing component of this initiative. The more engagement, the better. It could be a bimonthly or monthly group session with specific teachers and students according to their interests and skills. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!