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September 14, 2021

Messages for Humanity

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September 3, 2021

The Pyramid Code – Audio Books & Digital Downloads

This historical document, originally released on 9/9/20 at 9am EDT, depicts the first-hand experiences of a man who lived during the era of Ancient Egypt. You are encouraged to read…
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August 17, 2021

THERE’S NO PROOF with Patrick King

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July 21, 2021

THRIVE I: What On Earth Will It Take?

THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream -- uncovering the global consolidation of power in…
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July 20, 2021

DETOX PROTOCOL with Dr. Marc Schwartz

In this discussion, Dr. Marc Schwartz gives a detailed outline of a Detox Protocol to mitigate the ill-effects of "the thing". The detox protocol is below, and should be followed…
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July 8, 2021

The Cosmic Hoax: An Expose by Dr. Steven Greer

Learn the truth from the Father of the Real Disclosure Project! This documentary is Dr. Greer’s answer to the current government and media disinformation campaign promoting 3 big lies: 1.…
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July 4, 2021

The Dark Side of the CIA with Michael Jaco

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June 15, 2021

THE ANT!DOTE (Part 2 of Ending the Plague of Corruption) w/Dr. Judy Mikovits

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June 2, 2021

Dissolving Fear Through Humor with Clay Clark

In this interview, Clay discusses connecting the dots between PCR tests, C19 death expectations, actual numbers, remedies to treat C19, and where to find doctors that will treat you. The…
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May 25, 2021

Blessing Word Prayers by Meredith Ruben Daniels

Are you feeling helpless with the current events of the world? Recite these Blessing Word Prayers with Meredith Ruben Daniels to help shift the energy fields of a variety of…
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May 5, 2021

Seeing Through the Fog with Dr. Larry Palevsky, Damien Wynne & Jason Shurka

In this mind-blowing discussion, currents events are spoken about in a way like never better… from both the energetic perspective along with the physical perspective in order to bridge the…
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May 3, 2021

C19: EXPOSED Part 2

Originally released on March 22nd 2021, Jason Shurka speaks with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky all about the “injection” as Dr. Palevsky shares in-depth insights which have been hidden from the public.
ADK LibraryFree LibraryMovies and Films
May 1, 2021

C19: EXPOSED Part 1

Originally released on October 26th 2020, Jason Shurka speaks with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky about the global situation regarding Covid-19 covering topics such as the understanding of what a virus is,…
ADK LibraryFree LibraryInterviews and Q&As
April 22, 2021

Connecting the Dots with David Icke

In this deep and profound interview, David talks about what is going on in our world today - the events and what’s happening with big corporations and how this all…
ADK LibraryFree LibraryInterviews and Q&As
April 22, 2021

Exposing the System with RFK Jr.

An intense interview with the legendary... Robert Kennedy Jr. In this deep and profound interview, Mr. Kennedy highlights hidden facts that expose some of the largest industries in the world!…

Free Downloads

Dr. Marc Schwartz’s Immunity Boosting Protocol

The Pyramid Code – Dutch

The Pyramid Code – English

The Pyramid Code – German

The Pyramid Code – Hebrew (ORIGINAL)

The Pyramid Code – Italian

The Pyramid Code – Korean

The Pyramid Code – Portuguese

The Pyramid Code – Romanian

The Pyramid Code – Spanish

Resources Link

$50 Deduction from Your Paycheck if You’re Unv@xX3D

Aluminum & Neurodegenerative Diseases

Aluminum Content in Vaccines

Breastfeeding vs. Formula

An articles which shows breastfeeding reduces the risk of ear infections in infants (up to 2 y/o) vs. formula fed.

CDC Changes Test Thresholds To Virtually Eliminate New COVID Cases Among Vaxx’d

Covid-19 Injection & Blood Clotting


Coronavirus was significantly associated with flu vaccine, while flu, paraflu, RSV were all decreased as a result of shot.

Dr. Mikovits Presentation in Ottawa on The Case for Human Gamma Retroviruses

Dr. Mikovits’ Presentation in Ottawa on The Case for Human Gamma Retroviruses

Dr. Schwartz’ Immunity Booster Protocol

Expert evaluation on adverse effects of the Pfizer-COVID-19 vaccination

Fauci emails spark flood of backlash: ‘Needs to stop playing games’

H1N1 Flu Vaccine & Spontaneous Abortion

Influenza Vaccine & Pregnancy

Peer Journal Reviewed study discussing a 4,250% increase in fetal death for pregnant women who were vaccinated in 2009/2010. 

Is the climate change narrative a hoax?

Masks in relation to oxygen depletion increased pulse rate


Mercury Levels in the Flu Shot

This PDF outlines the potential risks of the Flu vaccine in regards to heavy metalsl.

Minorities Targeted w/ Food Advertisements


Polio Fraud by the CDC


Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons

Some Vaccinated People Are Dying of Covid-19. Here’s Why Scientists Aren’t Surprised

Superparamagnetic Nanoparticle Delivery of DNA Vaccine

Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’

Vitamin C & Allergies

Vitamin C reduces histamine by 36% when taken IV 3g daily.

Vitamin C & Cancer

Vitamin C has been brushed off as an ineffective method of dealing with cancers and other illnesses alike. That is because it has never been studied in massive intravenous doses. This study takes a look at % cancer cells killed as a result of vitamin c intravenous administration (in vitro). Results are mind-bending. Peer reviewed Journal. 

Vitamin D deficiency linked to respiratory infections

Vitamin D shuts down cytokine storm

Winer Wellness 2021 Powerpoint – Dr. Judy Mikovits

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