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In this interview, Dr. Judy Mikovits sheds light on many historical falsehoods such as AIDS, vaccines, and many other significant topics that we must all be aware of.


  • Ann Wladkowski says:

    One of my concerns is the individuals who have NOT gotten the shot, are we in any danger with “shedding” from others who have gotten the shot?
    Particularly, concerned about being in close proximity to the dentist, hygienist and staff who have gotten the shot. And going to other medical providers who have gotten the shots as well, such as the Podiarst. What do we do in these circumstances? And in general, should we avoid being in public areas for fear of shedding the shot/jab by others.
    Thank you, 🙏
    And await your reply

  • Ronda Lewis says:

    Dr. Judy you are amazing. I live in Virginia Beach Virginia. I am showing everyone this video out possibly that I can I am a medical Reflexologist practitioner. Cannot wait till your next documentary comes out.

  • Guadalupe says:

    How can I ser the other interview to Dr Micovits?
    I have a familiar with the shot!

  • Del says:

    what a blessed woman you are? thank you for the interview, is there is any way to put the document that you’ve been talked about? please keep exploding liars,criminals people.

  • Noa says:

    Dr. Judy Mikovits, I am so glad I found you speaking out. I am so heartbroken about what is happening. And the ME charities are doing such heavy propaganda many of my ME “friends” are vaccinated now. And after speaking my mind, most of them never spoke to me again. So I am silenced in a very sad and silent way.
    Your loud and truthful mouth is a blessing to anyone who will listen. Thank you for being such a badass woman! If I wasn’t in bed, I’d love to fight fraud and misogyny like you. You are an excellent scientist.
    God bless you! I am amazed how you survived what they did to you. Thanks for putting your life on the line. I am so grateful for what you do for humans and humanity.

  • Dallas says:

    How would one get their hands on the cure for myalgic encephalomyelitis? I have it and I would very much like to not have it. =D

  • NorPor says:

    Thank you Dr. Mikovits for enlightening us and for sharing your life’s work & journey.

  • Maria says:

    Hi, What is the method that sumarin helps in deactivating this “thing” and at what levels are we talking about? Would love more info?

  • Will Sun says:

    So 40:18 is the only timestamp when suramin is mentioned? Was there another spot I missed somehow?

    • ADK Support says:

      Hi Will! You are looking for the interview called “Ending the Plague of Corruption” with Dr. Mikovits, which is being released on the Academy Sunday May 16th at 10AM EDT. This is the interview you saw with the title “Taking Action.”

  • Cassandra Wilder says:

    What an amazing human. Thank you Dr. Mikovits

  • Nadia says:

    Watch the movie How To Survive a Plague. This shows the fight for Aids meds and how Faucy was involved …or taking credit for things he didn’t do! Very eye opening and I think you can see the prep work for what’s happening today.

  • Amanda Marcero says:

    In the end Dr Mikovitz will be getting all the peace prizes & Fauci will be put in jail or worse.

  • kinue says:

    this is a great interview. any chance you could get some volunteers to make some notes on the video? Like listing names, papers, companies, etc.

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