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An intense interview with the legendary… Robert Kennedy Jr. In this deep and profound interview, Mr. Kennedy highlights hidden facts that expose some of the largest industries in the world! This full interview was originally posted on Jason Shurka’s personal website, however, he had to remove it in order to comply with his website hosts “terms of use” in order to avoid permanent deletion.

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  • Leinani Cambra says:

    Much respect for Robert F Kennedy Jr for being a strong voice against the Big Pharma tyranny. Thanks for having this conversation Jason🙏🏽

  • Tara Miller says:

    Robert Kennedy Jr., is a giant among men. Tirelessly working to get the word out about the dangers of vaccine injury. His voice is the voice of so many who are fighting this battle against big pharma-corporations who do not have our best interest or health in mind. A hero and a warrior. Thank you RFK Jr for your service. And thank you Jason for doing this interview. May all beings be healthy and free.