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In this mind-blowing discussion, currents events are spoken about in a way like never better… from both the energetic perspective along with the physical perspective in order to bridge the gap that is highly connect in every way, shape and form!

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    Thank you all & much love & heart❤️🌹🌹🌹

  • Athena Bollig says:

    I am going to have to read that book Jason is reading! I used to have it and maybe I still do, I need to look 🙂

  • Dorit Raz says:

    This was such an amazing talk, it covered all aspects of the human spirit and touched me in ways that actually empowered me. One thing did strike me though, it is entirely possible that those who truly and honestly believed they were doing the right thing for themselves and others by taking the shot, might not have any serious adverse event because they felt whole and complete and really felt they were contributing to the safety of mankind. On the other hand, those who were “forced” to take the jab by being told they couldn’t continue their jobs, or go to the health club, or attend weddings or other forms of entertainment, those were the ones who intuitively felt they didn’t need it but on the other hand wanted to continue with their lives and felt it was their only option under the circumstances. I believe those were the ones who were affected the most physically because intuitively they knew the jab wasn’t for them but they chose to ignore that. I personally don’t know too many people who were seriously affected by the jab, but the ones I know who had it think I’m a complete moron by NOT taking the jab, and that they are doing the right thing. Comments anyone? Sending huge waves of love from Israel🌻

    • Marina C says:

      Thank you Dorit for sharing . I feel the same way. I do not know anybody who got hurt by jab, but they did it by they own choice and believe that they are doing right thing helping humanity. And as we are placebo beings it make absolutely sense to me. We can hurt and we can heal ourselves . I think that it is very important for people who was forced to take it for different reason to except and make peace with it. After that detox and healing process can begin …..lot of Love and Blessings

  • Tracey Meinen says:

    I feel so privileged to be part of this community & surrounded with those on the same frequency!

  • Lynne Vassallo says:

    Thank you guys, amazing

  • Jasmyn Taylor says:

    Powerful, captivating and easy to follow… I learned so much… thank you 🙏🏽

  • Misha says:

    Dr Larry, phenomenal explanation of reptilian consciousness thank you!
    Damien, thank you for the reminder that our souls are here to learn and grow, sometimes through hardships. Thank you for the reminder to embrace the shadow within each of us. It seems that we as a collective we may need to reclaim our power.
    Jason, thank you for the book recommendation and for bringing on these incredible guests.

  • Michele Reed says:

    You are definitely a warrior sent from God. I have been following you since day one. Dr. P is sooo AWESOME. He is the TRUTH.

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR COURAGE TO WAKE UP THOSE HUMANS THAT ARE SLEEPING. Speaking my truth falls on many deaf ears. This has definitely rejuvenated my mission of truth, thank you.

    Bless you my brother❤️

  • Helene Juul Hansen says:

    Thank you Jason, Damien, and Dr. Palevsky. The reptilian explanation makes so much sense. Let us stay open-minded.

  • David Holder says:

    Hi Jason. Is it possible for you to put people’s names on their feed. I am watching you with Dr. Palevsky and Damien Wynne. It would help me and perhaps other viewers to identify people in the interviews.

    As I watch this video I am truly getting lost with the first speaker, seems to be rambling on. Not making any sense to me.

    Perhaps I am too tired to watching this now. I will try again tomorrow. But thus far, 39 mins, this video is not making a lot of sense to me. Thanks for listening. David Holder

  • Rhonda Grainger says:

    So good keep doing the good work! thank you, I hope some people who are in the reptilian brain see this and snap out of it . My husband and my grown daughter are operating from this aspect of the brain so, so difficult for me to watch! but you all have given me hope that I am not alone!
    Thank You,

  • Lois says:

    So proud of you Jason, and our whole community. This is the first step in building the new world. New platforms without censorship, maybe new airlines, stores, schools that don’t require masks, vaccines! Wow! I haven’t even been able to use that word in months for fear of getting canceled!! 🙏💙🌠