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At ADK, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and have access to expansive knowledge. After-all, our mission is to assist humanity in raising the collective vibration! Thankfully, our incredible community is full of individuals who have actually increased their monthly membership fee in order to give others who do not have the funds to join the ability to be a part of our community. This is exactly what community is all about! In the Academy, we not only invest in ourselves, but we invest in each other! For this reason, we are giving the opportunity to choose a subscription amount that works for you. If you wish to pay less than $33/month, you have that option. When choosing your custom amount, we ask you to keep in mind that your monthly contribution goes towards our teachers and their incredible work, to producing more films and expansive content, and to keeping our platform running! We are so grateful for our community members and thank you all for your contributions to the Academy of Divine Knowledge!

Suggested price: $33.00

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